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DIAN Audio Engineering started its activity in February 2017. It was conceived by Luke and Sandy Dian and its commitment is to produce high fidelity audio equipment. At the end of 2014 deejay Luke Dian first thought of designing such equipment after having been fascinated by the dedication to sound quality research House Music artists show, as well as their passion for high quality audio gear that is most suitable to create the right atmosphere on the dancefloor. His father Stefano AKA Sandy Dian, record producer and sound technician, was soon involved. Luke and his cousin, Angelo Dian, form part of the DJ-duo "The Dians", and Sandy has been in charge of soundchecking for The Dians gigs in clubs and other venues. They noticed that there weren't any recent audio mixer powered exclusively by vacuum tubes on the market, but only low-voltage preamplified products or simply adders, so in 2014 the first draft of 'LKK-4V', a four-channel tube mixer was drawn up. The idea wasn't further developed until 2016, when Luke and Sandy decided to implement it and use it as the basis for a new project. After almost one year of research and development between the lab and the recording studio (DIAN products' main test ground) the first prototype, the DM-2R Valvolare, was created. It is a portable rotary tube mixer, powered at 300V exactly as it would have been in the 1960s. The sound of all DIAN products is designed by Sandy Dian, who boasts over 30 years of experience in the field. All products are handcrafted and no compromises are made in the search for the best sound quality and high fidelity using the most reliable electronic components available, with an eye on the past but a forward-looking mindset.



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